GBA parking and access services, along with the GBA information technology department, has initiated installation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in five parking locations. By June of 2017 parking services will distribute new Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) hangtags to 3,000 customers to improve vehicular identification and security.

The following parking facilities will receive the new RFID technology: 90 Central, Butler Parking Deck, Trinity- Washington Parking Deck, Judicial Parking Deck and the motor pool parking lot. The 2 Peachtree Parking Deck is already using RFID technology, however, these customers will receive new parking hangtags.

GBA parking services is currently using AVI (hands free) technology in some parking locations (South Deck, Health Deck, Agriculture Deck and Plaza Park Deck).  AVI has improved vehicular access control, vehicle identification and security within GBA parking facilities.