On April 27, the Georgia Building Authority began the Capitol Square Extension project, which will extend the Square (Mitchell Street) east of Washington Street all the way to the intersection of Jesse Hill Jr. Drive and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.  This includes the dismantle of the utility bridge  that connected many buildings on the Hill and the parking deck adjacent to Liberty Plaza, which were at the end of their life cycle.

This project will serve to alleviate traffic congestion for everyone, especially the 10,000+ employees who work on Capitol Hill daily as well as create a more inviting scenic vista of Capitol Hill.

The utility bridge that is being dismantled will not be reconstructed. GBA has aligned with current city planning efforts that discourage the use of these types of bridges for foot traffic, in an effort to encourage decision-makers to create pedestrian-friendly roadways and crosswalks. (You can read more about those efforts here in the Downtown Atlanta Master Plan, organized by Central Atlanta Progress)

This project was first proposed in the 2040 Capital Hill Master Plan- which you can read more about here. This project is scheduled to be complete by mid-December 2018.