COVID-19 Updates

The Georgia Building Authority’s mission is to provide a clean, comfortable, and safe environment on Capitol Hill. With this in mind, GBA understands the important role our agency plays in reducing the potential exposure of viruses and pathogens to employees and visitors who enter our facilities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, GBA has implemented best practices and increased safety measures by following the recommended guidelines for building openings and operations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Georgia Department of Public Health.

  • Assigned maintenance teams to treat Capitol Hill and Two Peachtree with a non-toxic hypochlorous solution to provide a broad level of disinfectant which limits potential virus exposure in all areas.
  • Added 14 daytime janitorial staff members/contractors who are dedicated to cleaning and disinfecting high contact surfaces and other areas prone to contamination in all facilities.
  • Increased sanitation measures by doubling the number of scheduled bathroom cleanings in all facilities.
  • Collaborating with Department of Public Safety on limiting/closing access points in all facilities.
  • Collaborating with Department of Public Health and Department of Law on health screening protocols for entry into facilities.
  • Installed infrared cameras/body temperature monitors at security entrances.
  • Increased the number of hand sanitation stations in all facilities.
  • Increased the number of public trash cans in all facilities.
  • Providing more access to facial tissues in all facilities.
  • Increased the intake of outside air in all facilities. (Decreases efficiency but is recommended to reduce potential exposure with recycled air.)
  • Sanitized all air handlers and increased frequency of changing air filters in all facilities.
  • Placed directional signage in elevators to limit potential virus exposure and encourage social distancing.
  • Installed signage to help educate and encourage social distancing at all facility entrances.
  • Assisting agencies on existing cubical configurations/furniture arrangements to improve spacing separation needs.
  • Altered dining operations in cafeterias to include: 
    • Staff required to wear gloves and masks
    • Wellness and temperature checks required of all staff
    • Frequent handwashing of all staff
    • Discontinued salad bars/self-serve areas
    • Implemented more frequent cleaning schedules
    • Separation of food service stations and checkout lines with marked distancing
    • Utilization of Plexiglass shields at cashier stations
    • Limiting seating to promote social distancing and requiring patrons to discard own trash


As this crisis continues, GBA will continue to monitor public health guidelines and implement changes as needed to ensure the safety of our tenants and guests. Please direct all questions to Tenant Services at 404-463- HELP (4357).


Tenant Services

Report GBA service requests such as light bulb replacement, spills, power outage, plumbing issues, emergency cleaning requests, etc. 

404-463-HELP (+1 404-463-4357)