• Where can I apply for a job?

    Send all applications, resumes and inquiries to:
    GBA Human Resources Department
    ATTN: Recruiting, 2nd Floor
    270 Washington St., Atlanta, GA 30334 
    Phone: 404-463-5658, FAX: 404-463-5669
    [email protected]

  • How can I reserve a GBA banquet facility or meeting room on Capitol Hill?

    GBA operates five banquet/meeting facilities on Georgia's Capitol Hill Complex ranging from an elegant sky-rise overlooking Atlanta's skyline to a restored 1870's railroad freight depot that exudes southern charm. Contact [email protected] to learn more about venue options.

  • How can I reserve public space at the State Capitol?

    The public can request to schedule the temporary use of the Capitol building's South Wing, Rotunda, or Liberty Plaza. Events and exhibits must have an intended public purpose and may be scheduled during the regular operating hours of the Capitol. Contact the GBA Events Coordinator at 404-657-7407 use our online Capitol Hill Event Management System to check availability or schedule an event.

  • How do I purchase a flag that has flown over the Capitol?

    Commemorative flags of the United States and the State of Georgia are available to the public through the Georgia Building Authority. See Commemorative Flags.

  • Where can I park on Capitol Hill?

    GBA provides parking lots with daily parking available for visitors to Capitol Hill. See Public Parking.

  • How can I learn about GBA bid opportunities?

    The State Property Officer has established a centralized Procurement Services Division to perform the purchasing and contracting functions for the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission, the Georgia Building Authority, and the State Properties Commission in compliance with policies and procedures and State of Georgia mandates. See Procurement.

  • How do I report a building maintenance problem for my office?

    Routine service requests such as light bulb replacement, spills, power outage, plumbing overflows, etc., can be reported to the Work Control Center at 404-463-HELP (4357), or reported online at http://maintenance.gba.ga.gov/.

  • How do I submit a request for a work-order to GBA?

    Work orders for billable services can only be submitted by a designated Agency Facilities Coordinator. Examples of billable services include requests for office renovations or painting, installation of new electrical circuits, and workstation reconfigurations. Other billable services include moving services, signage, and name plates. Contact the designated facilities coordinator for your agency.

  • Where can I eat on Capitol Hill?

    GBA operates two cafeterias on Capitol Hill. See Cafeterias for more about each location.

  • Where can I find the State ADA Coordinator's Office's ADA Notice?
  • Where can I find the State ADA Coordinator's Office's ADA Grievance Procedure?