Procurement FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for the Supplier, Contractor or Vendor

How do I place my company on the active or preferred vendor’s list?
The Georgia Building Authority (GBA) uses the Georgia Procurement Registry (GPR) to post procurements. Visit the website at: to view and download all current bids posted by GBA.

I have heard that the State of <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 /?>Georgia provides pre-registration through Team Georgia Marketplace. Does the GBA participate in this program?
GBA participates in the State of Georgia Team Georgia Marketplace supplier engine. We use their statewide Georgia Procurement Registry (GPR) to post bids, receive responses, and award solicitations.

Where can I register for Team Georgia Marketplace?
You can register online at Team Georgia Marketplace or at the Department of Administrative Services, State Purchasing Office, 200 Piedmont Avenue, West Tower 1308, Atlanta, GA 30334.

What type of purchases does the GBA make?
GBA procures a variety of products and services used to maintain the 8 million square feet of  facility space that includes repair and maintenance, renovation, new construction, landscaping, housekeeping, parking, food service, and more.  GBA uses DOAS Statewide Contracts where available and our own procurement for all other acquisitions.

My company provides construction services. Does the GBA buy construction services?
Yes. On occasion GBA will solicit for construction services associated with improvements to existing buildings or property. Construction solicitations are posted to the GPR.

I am a consultant. What types of consulting services does GBA purchase and how do you go about selecting your consultants?
On occasion GBA will solicit for consulting services associated with needs of the various functional areas within the organization. See the GBA website at for information about the various services that we offer.  

Does the GBA have a disadvantaged business assistance program?
GBA does not have a disadvantaged, small or minority business assistance program. GBA abides by the requirements set forth in Georgia Law regarding incentives granted to firms using minority companies and recognizes the preferences granted to Georgia based firms. Please note that “minority” in the State of Georgia, is based on ethnicity. The State of Georgia recognizes (5) minority groups, Asian American, Native American, African American, Hispanic/Latino, and Pacific Islander.

How does the GBA define a Small Business?
The State of Georgia defines a Small Business as a business which is independently owned and operated. In addition, it must have either fewer than 100 employees or less than $1 million in gross receipts per year. There are no preferences granted to small businesses.

Does the GBA stock warehouse products?
The GBA stocks over 900 regularly used supply products ranging from custodial supplies to electrical supplies. Restocking is performed at specific reorder points and competition is sought for most restocking events.

Does the GBA use credit cards for purchases?
Yes. The GBA will purchase supplies and materials using a Procurement Card (VISA) issued to specific operational employees across the organization.

Is GBA tax exempt?
Yes, the GBA is sales tax exempt under O.C.G.A. § 50-9-13.

What would make me an attractive vendor to GBA?
Consistency of performance, competitive pricing, timeliness, and quality goods and services.

If I have a complaint about GBA Procurement who should I contact?
GBA uses an official Bid Protest Policy that can be viewed on GBA’s website at Forms|Publications|Policies|Policies & Procedures.