Parking FAQ

  • Why do I need a parking hangtag and why is it important to display it?

    At the advisement of DPS and Homeland Security, GBA requires all vehicles to display a parking hangtag when parked in GBA facilities. Displaying the hangtag assists parking staff and law enforcement in recognizing authorized vehicles. When a vehicle does not display a hangtag, it is a security risk as it cannot be quickly identified.

  • Where do I park when I forget my parking permit/hangtag?

    If there is a forgotten parking hangtag, customers will need to park in the Pete Hackney facility, pay the daily fee, and make sure the receipt is clearly displayed on the dash of their vehicle. The Pete Hackney facility is located at 162 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30303. Customers may also choose a private parking facility.

  • Why do I have to renew my parking each year?

    The renewal process is an annual audit of the parking records. Customers may review/edit contact information such as your phone number, email address, license plate data and waitlist selections. This information helps us contact customers in case of an emergency or other scenario (flat tire, car accident, lights on, or etc.).

  • Why is parking access not on your building access card, but on a parking hangtag?

    In an effort to increase the safety and security on Capitol Hill as recommended by Homeland Security, GBA has begun upgrading the parking lot technology to a format different from the one used for building access cards. GBA policy states that each vehicle must display a parking hangtag while parked on state property to indicate the responsible person for the vehicle. The hangtag must stay with the vehicle and the building access card must stay with the person.

  • How do I know where I am on the parking waitlist?

    For more information on the parking waitlist, please visit the GBA website at or log on to your online parking portal at

  • Why do state employees pay for parking?

    Parking is not funded by the State of Georgia. GBA parking rates remain well below the Atlanta market which is $85-$125 per month.

  • Why does GBA not issue multiple hangtags to customers for other cars?

    Multiple hangtags issued to customers would allow more vehicles in a parking facility beyond the facility’s available capacity. In addition to enforcement and customer services issues, this could potentially result in hazardous conditions due to congested entry/exit lanes.

  • Why is there not a designated visitor lane or employee only lane in Pete Hackney?

    Permit only lanes have been designated at the rear entrance of Pete Hackney off Decatur Street. Public Safety has recommended against an employee entrance only lane at the Jesse Hill Jr. Drive as it would increase accident risks from vehicles having to change lanes.

  • Why are citations written on vehicles for parking violations?

    In an effort to improve service and to help educate customers, citations are written as warnings, rather than fines. However, habitual violators that accumulate four citations in one fiscal year may be subject to having their parking suspended or cancelled.

  • Why is the parking staff not more visible in parking facilities?

    Parking staff responsibilities have been realigned to monitor the entire facility rather than only the entrance. You may not see them, but they see you.

  • What times are parking facilities open for use?

    Normal operating hours are 6:00am to 7:00pm (M-F), but customers with a current hangtag to an assigned parking facility are allowed to use the facility 24 hours a day.

  • How do I know the height of a parking facility?

    Each parking facility has a sign at the entrance of the facility identifying the maximum clearance height within the facility. Each facility height is also published on the GBA parking website at

  • How do the lights operate in the Parking decks?

    For energy conservation, light-emitting diode (LED) lights were installed in parking facilities. There are motion sensors in the drive lanes that regulate the LEDs during low light hours, and in parking spaces as needed.

  • What is the speed limit in parking facilities?

    The speed limit in ALL GBA parking facilities is 5 miles per hour.

  • Where do I park my personal car when I rent a car from Hertz?

    The Hertz Rental contract is with the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS). When a customer rents a vehicle on Capitol Hill, Hertz Rental may provide their customer with a place to leave a vehicle. If parking in the Pete Hackney deck, all vehicles must display a receipt for payment and/or a prepaid coupon from Hertz for each day the vehicle is parked. Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays only) and state holidays do not require daily coupons since the parking facility is closed.

  • Why do we not have Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in all parking facilities?

    Electric Charging Stations are centrally located in the #1 Parking Lot at the corner of Memorial Drive and Capitol Avenue and accessible to all customers.

  • Who do I contact if I have a security concern?

    Contact the Capitol Police Dispatcher (404) 624-7281.

  • How do I report a facility maintenance concern?

    Report routine maintenance issues using GBA’s Report a Problem online system at: or call our Help Desk at 404-463-4357 to speak with a customer service representative.

  • How do I report good Customer Service?

    Use GBA’s “How’s My Service” page to report experiences with our staff and services.

  • Why is no one directing traffic to help with exiting from the parking facilities?

    GBA is not allowed to direct traffic on city streets. Any questions about traffic flow should be directed to the Department of Public Safety-Capitol Police Division at (404) 624-7281.

  • Who do I contact regarding?

    Potholes – City of Atlanta: To report traffic problems such as malfunctioning traffic lights or potholes please call 311.
    After hours, please call (404) 227-3520 or use the form on the website:…
    Traffic or safety concerns – The Department of Public Safety-Capitol Police Division: (404) 624-7281
    Renting a vehicle - Hertz Rental - (404) 463-6384: Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) (404) 657-8390
    Emergency - The Department of Public Safety-Capitol Police Division (404) 624-7281